Hey you! It's a The Vampire Diaries appreciation blog. I'm so fucking in love with this serie and I'm a shipper of Delena, I love them with all of me. Also I ship Forwood, and Nian.

I'm in love with Ian Somerhalder, I wanna marry him. He's beautiful.

Here you will find everything about this serie but most of Delena, of course.

So, I hope you like it. Feel free to talk to me, ask me what you want.

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bonnie: can’t we just stay in? katherine: no, we’re invited. besides, it’s for a good cause. bonnie: [sighs] okay. whatever you say… katherine: …….fine.

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This video hurts my poor heart. I want to cry like a little girl, just right now.

I love this one, and the song. The end was so… :(

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